Organization The International Kava Executive Council (IKEC) constitutes an international non-profit organization focusing on re-establishing the kava trade between the kava-producing South Pacific Island states and Europe. It consists of representatives of national pharmaceutical and herbal associations, scientific experts, kava growers and kava producers, and is comprised of delegates from both the Pacific and the EU. The Council was founded in November 2003, against the background of the dramatic socio-economic consequences for some of the least developed Pacific Island states, namely Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu, resulting from the highly criticised ban on kava products imposed by the health authorities of many European Member States. The IKEC is operating in close cooperation with the governments of Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu, countries that have suffered enormous losses resulting from the kava ban, and who now see many development projects, which are part of the United Nations (UN) Millennium Development Goals (MDG), at risk. IKEC's activities have been supported with funding by the CDE (Centre for Development of Enterprise); Pro-Invest; Trade Com facility ( all joint EU-ACP institution devoted to private sector enterprise development in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific under the Cotonou Agreement. PRO€INVEST is a EU-ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) partnership programme developed and undertaken by the European Commission on behalf of the ACP countries; and the ACP-EU -MTIS Programme. Administrative and support funding have also been provided by the Pacific Forum Island Secretariat; the Samoa Association of Manufacturers & Exporters (co-ordinated funding activities for IKEC and administration of follow up activities); the Governments of Fiji; Samoa; Tonga and Vanuatu. IKEC and the Samoa Association of Manufacturers & Exporters also initiated the latest project on Kava under the ACP-EU Programme for Multi-Lateral Trading assistance for African; Carribean and Pacific countries -which is now administered by the Government of Vanuatu,namely the "High Level Workshop on Kava" in Port Vila, Vanuatu from the 12th to 15th March 2012.